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An opportunity to join an inner circle of women who are ready to play BIGGER in their lives and make it their BEST YEAR EVER!


Stop dreaming about the life you want to live. Start LIVING it!

I'm guessing you've got a pretty good life right now.

But I’m also guessing you realize there's more.

You want MORE. 

And you deserve MORE!


I know you have ideas, goals, dreams you want to fulfil…

Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, start a business, or finally put yourself FIRST for a change. 

And I bet you get frustrated when you end up taking care of everyone else, your to-do list seems to take over your life, and your goals and aspirations get put by the wayside.

I get it, because I was there too.


Hi, I’m Carol Schulte, and I’ll admit it.

I spent so much of my life in what Dr. Seuss calls “The Waiting Place.” Waiting to feel ready, waiting to feel good enough, for that perfect moment to magically arrive before taking that first step…

You see, I didn’t know how to take the first step.

And moreover, I didn't feel worthy, deserving, or believe in myself enough to go after it.

But there was always one person who did. My mum. She was at every opening and every closing of every show I ever did. But shortly after graduation, she got sick. 

I eventually moved back home to look after her, and felt purpose for the first time in my life. Finally didn’t feel like I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t pretty enough, wasn’t blond enough to land the role or get the gig. I was exactly where I needed to be.  

And then she passed away.

And in an instant, I lost my #1 fan, I lost my purpose, I lost ME. 

I spent a LOT of time soul searching.

I spent six years living abroad - from Ashrams in India to vans in New Zealand, and from volunteering at HIV+ orphanages in Thailand to Mother Teresa’s Missions of Charity in Calcutta... I’ve even had dreadlocks and SHAVED MY HEAD (raising $10,000 to boot!)

And after all of these experiences, I learned 3 important lessons:

  • You can’t always choose what happens to you in life, but you can choose who you want to be, how you’re going to show up, and what you’re going to do about it
  • You can’t rely on anyone else to believe in you, so you have to find a way to believe in yourself
  •  Life is too short not to take action on your BIG goals and dreams


But how do you make that happen?

I’ve discovered it’s not complicated… small, purposeful, consistent actions that help get you out of your comfort zone and creating new experiences, will take you from being where you are now, to being on the path of living an epic, fulfilling life. 

After having the honour of working with hundreds of women over the last few years, I've discovered it comes down to these 5 things:








And that is exactly why we created THE TRIBE.

The Tribe is an opportunity to join an inner circle of women who are ready to play BIGGER in 2018 and make it their BEST YEAR EVER!

100% of Tribe members would recommend this community to their friends and colleagues. 


It's been called the most supportive, safe, authentic and fun online community out there.

Call it your positive peeps possé, or your empowerment entourage... we ALL need one.

You don’t want to wake up a year from now with everything being the same.

This is your time, and your opportunity to do SOMETHING… NOW.

Let me be your biggest chearleader and you be mine.  

Just DO it. Say YES.


100% of Tribe members would recommend this community to their friends and colleagues.

"I LOVE the Tribe!!! It continues to be an incredible community and experience. Carol and the Tribe have inspired, motivated, and helped push me out of my comfort zone and my book is now going to launch in the fall! I would highly recommend the Tribe for any woman looking to thrive in her life."

Jill Valentine
Co-founder, UGO Travel for Change

"I've found in the Tribe, my tribe! It's a group of motivated, inspiring and gifted women who continually encourage me to keep Living Big! I leave every interaction feeling supported and uplifted! "

Dr. Maryska Taylor
Naturopathic Doctor

"Women Living Big - The Tribe keeps me accountable to doing exercises every week based on a theme that's fun! It enables me to step back for a little while and observe my life and what I really want. The group calls are amazing, as I watch Carol coach, support everyone in the group. "

Johanne Pelletier
C.P.A. Arbonne International

"This Tribe has really been my safe space... This Tribe is the accountability and encouragement to take the big steps. This Tribe is the push you are looking for to take yourself to the next level, whatever it may be for you! I have now adopted "The Tribe" to "My Tribeā€. "

Ashley-Ann Pereira
Published author, Inspirational speaker, Entrepreneur

"Carol's Women Living Big Tribe has helped me to feel supported as I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. It is so important to surround yourself with other women who are also taking bigger steps to share resources, success, failures... it's what keeps you motivated and reminds you that you're not alone- this tribe has your back. I am grateful for the connections and teachings I have received in this tribe. "

Jennifer Lyall
Liv Healthy

"The Women Living Big community is one of the most inspiring communities I have ever been apart of. Since joining I have made positive choices to live big and I just love the encouragement to give big - it is definitely a value that Women in Biz Network holds high"

Leigh Mitchell
Founder of Women in Biz

Invest in YOU.

Wherever you are on your journey, we have a place for you.




- 12 monthly “Living BIG’ themes
- Weekly modules with videos, exercises, and challenges
- Weekly accountability emails
- Access to private online portal




ALL of Tribe COMMUNITY!, plus:
- Monthly 'Playing BIG' group coaching call
- Accountability Partner
- Access to private community FB group
- Monthly Mentor Calls, with experts in all areas of life
- Weekly FB Live Training Videos
- Opportunity to be interviewed for our Tribe interview series
- Special Discounts for WLB events






ALL of The TRIBE!, plus:

- Monthly 45-minute private coaching call with Carol
- Option to become a WLB Ambassador, and co-host events for the greater WLB Community
- Special Invitation to Private Events
- Complimentary tickets to WLB events

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(only until January 25th)

The path to success is all about commitment.
We wan't to reward those who are ready to say YES.













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